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About us



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Czech Republic



628 00 Brno


Horníkova 20


ID: 08319901


VAT: CZ9807284212

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Pensionhotel is a Czech-German partnership company.
The company was founded in the turning of the years 1998/1999 as a database with giving of telephone information.
The company decided to concentrate on expansion of its services with www.pensionhotel.de and www.pensionhotel.com at the end of the year 2000. Pensionhotel has ten coworker/partners which strive about maximal satisfaction of our customers and about continual development of international operating company Pensionhotel International.

Data and facts:

1. Low prices. Price of one registration in PensionHotel database lies between 49 and 99 Euro per a year and accommodation owners pay no additional commissions. On the pages there are placed direct contacts to the owner/quatermaster, who themselves occupy their spare capacity.

2. High count of visits. Success lies in the fact that PensionHotel pages are in 26 languages. All the URLs are created by the language.
We own the domains ends with: en, de, co.uk, com, pl, fr, es, be, it, ch, cn, nl, in, se, at, sk, jp, hu, ro, dk.
Other languages are in the second level domain ru, pt, ar, gr, tr, hr, si, fi, no, bg.

Note for ownesr/managers of hotels/guest houses/accommodations etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

success of the Pensionhotel can be associated above all with the fact that we offer direct contacts to the hotels, guest houses and accommodations. You can ask why anybody e.g. in Germany should use a reservation system if he/she can call directly to the hotel and get information about accommodation immediately?

Today practically everyone owns a mobile phone and we´ve adapted to this reality. We are able to reach the contact person immediately. Within three minutes they can have information about accommodation they need. 

Do you want to know which groups of interested persons contact the hotels, guest houses and why?
They are mainly those who are trying to determine and agree upon specific conditions at the selected hotel. Seminars, weddings, price negotiations, bus stops, snow, group activities, presentations, meetings of famous personalities, safety, security of cars and motorcycles abroad and many inquiries more.

Visitors of our pages prefer a direct contact. And hotels and accommodation facilities too.

Thank you a lot for your interest, we are looking for our cooperation – PensionHotel team.

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